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Ties and staplers

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New haircut = celebratory topless tuesday pictures!

And hey, guys! GUYS! It’s just gone midnight - happy birthday to me!!!!

watch out for extended birthday fun on my blog all through the day :)


some gifs from a video i did a while back titled Buttplug and Hitachi Wand Cum Show

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~*do not delete this caption*~

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Some gifs from my video titled Full Body Cumming.

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I hate putting captions.

Lucy misheard that comment and thought I claimed that I wanted to be fucked on the nose?!!!

Anyway; boobs and butts

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when my sister died, i never thought i would experience pain quite like that ever again. i was wrong. i’ll never forget my friends faces as they all collectively received the same text that i received moments earlier. pat was gone. 

let me tell you a little about pat motherfucking denver. there was never a dull moment with that kid. he thought he was the king of the world, that nothing could ever touch him. there was nothing he was ashamed to attempt, either. he once rode down the busiest street in town on a quad completely naked. another time he tried to buy cigarettes with food stamps. he was so kind; always introducing himself to everyone within 30 feet of him, always cracking jokes with strangers, always telling stories about the times he’s had with us and his brothers. he loved his parents; i remember last mothers day he got laid off right beforehand and he was practically having a panic attack over the fact that he couldn’t buy his mom anything. he was the dude i could call at any hour of the night because i know he’d be down to pick me up and smoke a blunt in order to help me forget about life for a little bit. words can’t do justice of the amazing person that pat denver was.

but he’s gone now, and all that i can do for him and his family right now is share this link with you guys. i’m not asking you to donate $1000, even if you could spare a dollar that would be a huge help. the denver family has been struggling with money and it’s important to them and to everyone else who loved pat that he has the most beautiful funeral we can give him. if you can’t donate at all, please reblog this to signal boost it so other people have the opportunity to donate. please. i can’t tell you how much it would mean to all of us.

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